Self-directed and continuous learning

The first moment I heard of this competency, I immediately thought that it includes the most important skills for my study. In the first weeks, I already discovered that this competency requires a lot of self-discipline. I think all the other competencies start by self-directed and continuous learning.

In this first semester I tried to determine what I want to achieve this year and I set some goals for both semesters. I had to get used to set such extensive learning goals for my study by myself.  Also during the starting week of my assignment, I set some goals to make clear for myself what I wanted to achieve by doing this assignment. This way of setting goals really suited me.

“We appreciate the fact that you set clear goals for this assignment. In the report you clearly indicate what you have learned and how this will influence your future.” – J. Kint and M. Versteeg (feedback assignment Design History in Global Perspective)

In the project, we had set some goals before, but by setting goals by myself I experienced that my learning process is more directly. Setting goals makes me aware where I am working for.

I think the time I am designing is still too fixed. Next semester, I would like to integrate some more aspects from daily life to keep that continuous learning in mind. According to me, the design process has not only to be directed towards design. I think also other input values, for example customs in daily life or trips, will give the design a livelier look.