Teamwork and Communication

In the first weeks of this study, I had to get used to the new way of working in a project group. It was hard to compare all the ideas and to decide which ideas fitted to the direction we were searching for. After a while, we all moved in kind of the same direction and it became easier to understand each other’s ideas.


During the assignment Design History in Global Perspective and the final demo-day, I looked upon an aspect of this competency which still needs a lot of progress: my presenting skills.

“Based on your presentations your research skills seemed to be a little weak. However we are impressed by the abstract quality of your report and the way you structure the topics. So it might be blamed to your presentation skills.” – J. Kint and M. Versteeg (feedback assignment Design History in Global Perspective).

“As a person/team member you seem to be a bit shy. I would advise you to make yourself be heard more. The quality of your insights is more than enough to allow you to do that.” – Project coach P. Peters.

Although I already focused on this competency last semester, by following a workshop Elevator Pitch, by writing pitches and by presenting the project its concept on the demo-day, I think it is valuable to focus specifically on the presenting part of this communication competency next semester. I think the only way to become better in presenting is practicing!