Form and Senses

At the start of my study, I think this competency was the one I was most familiar with already, especially because of my form giving skills. In the first weeks, I became aware that this competency has to do with all the senses and with the importance of experiencing. Although I focused on the sense sight in my first project, I kept the experience of the user in my mind during the whole design process this semester.

During assignments and prototyping processes, I became aware of two ways to determine the relation between functionality and materials. One explains the research for a material, which aspects fit the function of your design. The other one explains the way you experience and look at aspects of materials and how these aspects could influence the function of your design.


Moreover, during the prototyping process, I learned that the working of a dynamic system was way more depending on the used material then I had thought. After we searched for suitable materials, we had to adapt the concept. This gave me a lot of insight in material aspects. Besides, I got to know in which case I could use some specific materials the best. On the other hand, I was inspired by all the different kind of materials we stumbled upon and I got new ideas to integrate in the concept.

Moreover, I followed the Solidworks workshop, in which I learned the basics of 3D-modelling.

Next to sight, I would like to focus on the other senses as well in the second semester. I am interested in the relations between these senses and in the way they will influence each other.