Socio-Cultural Awareness

Last semester, I focused on this competency and I followed an assignment.

I discovered that this competency includes two aspects for me.

The first one is the reason why I chose the assignment Design History in Global Perspective (DG490): gaining knowledge about the design in the world and its role.  My goal was to develop a more profound vision. During the assignment, I discovered that there is a strong relation between a vision and the world her developments and needs. These needs also reflect all the different needs of people all over the world.

The second aspect is about the culture the user is living in. In the second quartile of the project we faced upon the difference between the ability of a group of patients, with epilepsy and often mental disorders, and the ability of not-patients. After I realized that both are subcultures, we compared these subcultures and we find a balanced solution for the design which satisfied both user groups.

During the assignment, I have already learned to combine these two aspects together, but in a more general way, related to quiet broad cultures. In the future, I hope to become able to combine these two aspects also for smaller subcultures.


Design for Rietveld Schröderhuis, Assignment Design History in Global Perspective