User Focus and Perspective

If a design is not adapted to its users, the design will be not functional! I think that is the most important thing I learned during the last semester. It is essential to plan enough meetings with the future user of your concept to become aware of the actual needs of the user. As a designer, I have to keep the interest of the users in mind and I have to ask their opinion upon the product in time. Besides, I experienced that it is not right to imagine what the user needs; you have to ask it their selves.

Next time, I would like to do at least some user tests in different stages of the design process. That is because in the first half of the last semester I think I did not focus enough on the users, while this is already very important during the idea generation. So, in the future, I will integrate the demand of the user to make the concept more adaptable.

Not only are the needs central. I think an aspect which was much more valuable last semester is the ability of the users. The users of my project were patients, with epilepsy and often mental disorders, and not-patients. Some patients were not all able to do the same activities as the not-patients could do. And also because all the patients and not-patients have all a different level of ability, it was hard to design a concept which would satisfy all of them.