Integrating Technology

According to me, integrating technology is one if the most unknown fields for me in this study. Although I did not focus on this competency this semester, I became aware of the content of this field during DG000 and during the project.

An important aspect of integrating technology, related to User Focus and Perspective, for me this semester was the way input and output values are created and can be changed. I learned that for many programs and systems the general principle is the same. So the input is different, but in all the systems this input is changed into a main value inside the system, which will give the same output every time.

During the second Basic Course Applied Physics, I recalled and expand my knowledge about systems and electronics. I used this knowledge in my project by developing a system which has to move a cylinder up and down. It was valuable to bring the theorem of physics into practice, because it helps me to realize a concept, to solve problems during the design process and to broaden my idea generation.

I also followed the HTML-workshop, in which I learned the basics of making a website.

Because my knowledge according to this competency is still limited, I would like to focus on building circuits and programming next semester. I would like to follow an assignment to expand my possibilities for prototyping. Besides this will improve my idea generation in which I can integrate inspiring technical aspects and in which I can judge already the realization of a product.