Ideas and Concepts

The many dimensions of my study became clear to me during the first brainstorm sessions of my project. These dimensions create a lot of opportunities, but because of this wideness of possibilities, I thought it was hard to choose a path. I was afraid of missing an interesting inspiration source and that is why I stayed on the surface of fields and ideas.


By doing so, I experienced that I could not get further. Besides, I tried to involve as much as possible elements for the development of my design to make this design as adapted as possible for many users. This caused that I almost forgot the essence and functionality my design had to have.

Also in the project, we faced upon the same problem.

“The team performed a project that started out quite slow. Decision making was the real problem. There were enough ideas, some of these were discarded, others were kept but doing so brought doubts. They wanted to be certain that what was done was right. … This made it hard to “throw away” ideas. … You learned that some activities need to start earlier, and that making choices in the concept phase is not irreversible.” – Project coach P. Peters.

Next, I tried another work method in which I dived into a certain problem and I focused on a more detailed level. I got to know that the more specific you are in user choice and in goals, the more adapted the product will be. And that is for me the start of an innovative product.


By making prototypes in the end of this semester, I was inspired by the system and the materials and I got new ideas about the concept. This was too late in time, but that is why I would like to focus on expressing my ideas in many different forms, like 3D-prototypes, sketches and words. I think this enables you to discover other inspiring sources during the idea generation.