Design Research Processes

Design Research processes are for me the basis of the designing path. It is the way to map and write down the phases you go through during the design process. According to me, these maps are valuable because you can see all your previous ideas and choices together. It is a good way to check if I am still working in direction I want to and it helps me to keep the essence of the problem I am designing for in mind.

The project report  we made at the end of the semester also represent the phases and choices we went through. In the first part of the report I described the work path of the first quartile, which was the first time I went through a total design process, from the idea generation to the prototype. I think this first time of experiencing the design process was the purest topic to reflect on, because it immediately showed me my strength, which was combining and integrating many aspects of the idea generation, and my weakness, which was making decisions.

In the next project, I am going to apply kind of the same basic method to the design process as I used in this semester. Moreover, I am going to apply some valuable aspects I learned in the last design process. For example, I would like to be more specific sooner.


Design Research Process