Design process

Design Process

My design process is shown in this model, according to The reflective transformative design process, made by Hummels and Frens (2008).

This semester I focused on the concretizing part of the design process, because I spent a lot of time on realizing the concept in a prototype.

I think I did not pay enough attention to the exploring part. The reason to conclude this is that I more focused on the different subcultures and their role and not on user tests. Related to the exploring part, I also have to improve my verbal presentation skills, to become able to explain a concept more clearly in a more convincing way.

Overall, in the future, I think I have to switch more frequently between the phases. Moreover, I have to do approximately the same amount of work for each phase, so all the phases are balanced.

The next images will show the design process step-by-step.


The project started with a lot of brainstorming about a concept. In the second week, we focused on a more detailed level. After we came up with a detailed concept, I thought about some adaptions to let the concept fit a broader user group.




During a meeting with one of the users of our concept, we explained the idea and we received feedback. I got a better view upon the role of the final concept for the users and upon aspects we still had to integrate.






We made a descriptive model of the concept. Because of the mid-term demo day, we made a prototype to show the principle of the design.





To integrate the feedback of the mid-term demo day in the project, we had to adapt the concept because the subcultures of the two user groups had to be more balanced.

Moreover, during my assignment Design History in Global Perspective, I learned a lot about the role of design in the world and my vision on society became more profound.





Keeping the balance between the two subcultures in mind, we brainstormed further about how we were going to adapt the first concept.







At the end of the project, we made a working prototype for the demo day. I mainly focused on the concretizing of the concept, which was for me the realizing of the physical prototype.