Identity & Vision



As a designer, I am always curious to experience another view, another sense or another feeling upon problems, activities or known aspects of life. In this way, I experience interesting aspects of life which I have never experienced before. This forms for me a valuable inspiration source.

I am interested in the edge of art and design. Combinations of design and art let me think about how we could influence daily life objects and design objects by art. To create another view or another sense upon a design, I think the functionality has to be covered by purity and art.

Besides, I am inspired by the way design is influenced by different cultures and the role of design in different cultures. I am interested in the way people think differently about aspects and customs in life.

I am inspired by the idea that all people are busy with all different kind of activities. It is very interesting to see what the possibilities of life are and how people deal with that.

The way I express my ideas and thoughts is varying. I like this variation because I think my design will be more complete if I discuss these different views. I would like to work with sketches, words, collage, 3D-models, and etcetera. Moreover, I am always inspired by the presentation manners of ideas of well-known designers and their websites. That is why I am interested in how forms intensify products and also in the meaning that lies behind it.

I am open-minded and I am always searching for new useful input. I would like to integrate this inspiration on my own manner in my designs, but important for me is that I have to keep the essence of a design in mind. I am specific and I am always trying the get the most out of my ideas during design processes.


Today, different cultures influence each other and will become a part of each other. Design has to be influenced by different cultures and has to combine cultures. Still, the basic elements of cultures have to be saved, as well as their own identity. Combining and comparing these two aspects is important in design processes. Then, not broad cultures will arise, but the nowadays several smaller cultures will stay and will be really adapted to each other.

Searching for the edge of art and design is useful to become a designer. These two disciplines can easily overflow in each other and they can complement each other well. Design has to be functional in the widest sense of the word. This functionality has to be covered by art, so the user experiences the art and can develop his or her own opinion upon the product; the functionality does not come into prominence.

Even so, technology does not play a prominent role in design. The development of technology in the time we are living in has already been too much emphasized.

Overall, design has to improve the well-being of the people in the widest sense of the word. Products need to contribute to health, to social contacts and to the activities in life.