Reflection PDP Semester 1

The knowledge about idea generation and form giving I gained before I started this study I used a lot in this first semester and felt a kind of safe. I think it was hard to dive into the competencies which were unknown for me without knowledge, like Integrating Technology and Design and Business Processes. Afterwards, I think I concentrated most of the time on developing competencies which were in line with my own interests.

One of my goals for this semester was to follow the assignment Design History in Global perspective to gain more knowledge about design in the world and its role in the society.

 “To have a good start and a good view on this study for the upcoming years, it is most important for me to get to know the design of the time we’re living in. I would like to develop a more profound vision, which is adapted on the design world around me”.

(Goals of Assignment Design History in Global Perspective)

I think I completed this role well, because I learned a lot about movements and well-known designers in art and design history and the developments. Moreover, I have developed a more profound vision on design. For example, I became aware that also functionality has to play a determining role in design, which I think has to be covered by purity and art.

This semester I got to know some of the programs of Adobe CS6 Design. I started to make a list of the functions of the programs, but it seemed to me more valuable to learn it by doing. I learned the principles of Adobe Flash and made some basic movies. Although, I have known Photoshop before, I broadened my knowledge in this field. I would like to expand my knowledge related to other programs and I think I will be able to use specifications of the programs the longer I use it.

The second important long-term goal I set was to gain more knowledge about electronics, related to Integrating Technology and maybe also Descriptive and Mathematical Modelling. I became aware of the content of both competencies and I also did some small assignments. I would like to focus further on these competencies next semester to develop awareness of building circuits and programming.

I have already practiced presenting a lot, by following a workshop, by writing pitches and by explaining the concept of the project on the demo day. I also became aware that this field needs still a lot of progress, so I will continue focusing on the competency Teamwork and Communication.

In the design process, I think I am still too much focused on one or two aspects and I am not switching enough between the four principles.

Overall, I think my personal development plan for this semester was a bit too broad and sometimes not specific enough. On the other hand, it suits me that I was busy with totally different competencies; I like this variation.