SDL-activities and workshops

Workshop HTML

I followed the workshop HTML to learn how to build a website. Before the workshop I did not know anything about this. I think it is very useful that I have learned the basics of the HTML-code and the CSS-code, because this information is very valuable for making my showcase. I think I can expand my knowledge in this field by practicing.

Workshop Solidworks

SolidworksIn the self-directed learning weeks I followed the workshop Solidworks. I chose to do this workshop, because I was really fascinated by 3D-models, curious what the possibilities of the program would be and it seemed to me very nice to do it by myself! It was harder than I thought to make these 3D-models. I learned to make the basic shapes and I got information about the functions of the program. I already looked at some applications during the workshop and I hope I can develop my skills by practicing by myself.

SDL-activity Design in Process

During the Dutch design week, I helped with the Lucid-activity, Design in Process. Together with all the visitors we made an interactive light object. My role was to inform the visitors about the activity and to help them with soldering the LEDs. I brushed up my soldering skills and I practiced to pitch.

Workshop Getting started with electronics and Arduino

Workshop-Getting-started-with-electronics-and-ArduinoI was not familiar with writing programs at all and that is why I followed this workshop. I learned the basics of programming and some electronic components which are often used in Arduino-circuits. During the workshop I made some programs for LED’s: a LED fading in and out, a LED with a button and a LED reacting on the intensity of light. Now, I have a general view on the possibilities of Arduino. This workshop made me also a little bit curious, so that is why I am going to focus on Integrating Technology next semester.

Workshop Elevator Pitch

During the Wervingsdagen I followed a workshop Elevator Pitch. In this workshop, I learned to refine the structure of pitches. Besides, I learned more about verbal technics as well as nonverbal technics during a presentation.